Using large-format mirrors

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Using large-format mirrors

How to use large-sized mirrors

Large mirrors are not only a beautiful decorative element but also a practical tool that can significantly change the perception of space in a room. Proper use and maintenance can ensure they serve for many years, retaining their amazing properties. Here are some tips to help you fully utilize and care for your large mirrors.

1. Location

When placing large mirrors, consider which interior elements you want to reflect. Mirrors reflecting natural light can invigorate and brighten a room, while mirrors reflecting attractive decorative elements can add depth and interest.

2. Safety

Large mirrors can be heavy, so make sure they are securely mounted to the wall. Depending on the weight of the mirror, additional fixings or supports may be needed. If the mirrors are illuminated, ensure the electrical installation is done by a professional.

3. Cleaning

Large mirrors can accumulate dust and fingerprints. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and a special glass cleaning solution will help keep them in perfect condition. Avoid using abrasive cloths or harsh detergents that can scratch the mirror surface.

4. Usage

Large mirrors can add space to even the smallest rooms. You can use them to optically enlarge a room or to reflect light, making the space brighter. Just remember not to place a mirror opposite a window - it can lead to a "sunflower" effect and dazzle passers-by.


Large mirrors are a unique decorative element that can give your interior a special character. Remember these tips to enjoy your mirror fully and keep it in perfect condition for many years. Enjoy your new, stylish mirror and make the most of its potential!

Well-chosen and maintained large mirrors can be a real asset to your interior. Take care of them, and they will serve you for many years, adding brilliance and style to your home.


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