Our company

Kraft Mirrors

We are a proud Polish manufacturer of high-quality mirrors, distinguished by passion and skill. Our mirrors are handcrafted, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and attention to every detail. In our offer, you will find mirrors in various shapes and illuminations, perfectly fitting into any interior, adding elegance and refined style.

  • Highest quality products
  • Handmade production
  • Diversity of shapes and illuminations

Our team

Craftsmanship enthusiasts

Our team consists of experienced and talented craftsmen, designers, and artists dedicated to creating stunning mirrors that enhance every space. Each mirror leaving our workshop is the result of collective effort and dedication of the entire team, ensuring that each of our creations is unique and meets the highest quality standards.


Professionalism and perfection in every detail. Mirrors from Kraft Mirrors are true works of art that impress with their appearance and quality of workmanship.

Anna Kowalczyk

I have never encountered such a level of customer service. Thanks to the Kraft Mirrors team, I found perfect mirrors tailored to my interior, and the entire purchasing process was extremely pleasant and hassle-free.

Piotr Nowak

Kraft Mirrors' mirrors are synonymous with luxury and refined style. Every element is carefully crafted, making them an unmatched addition to any interior.

Maria Wisniewska